Sunishi Gabhawala Sunishi is the Founder of Sunishi Gabhawala Consultants, an independent corporate career advisory firm.

Sunishi’s 20-plus years of experience combine a blend of corporate roles with managing her own business.

She joined leading executive search firm, Hunt Partners, in 2004 as a founding member and was an integral contributor to the growth of the firm while enjoying good career progression.

At Hunt, the business model was focused on retained senior management search. Sunishi has managed and run multiple marquee mandates at the CxO level. A significant achievement was to develop the CFO search practice into a key Practice for the firm. Along with business responsibilities, the Hunt leadership team manages organization development tasks. Sunishi was the chair of two internal task forces � Employee Engagement and Technology.

Previously she worked at Horton International, Mumbai specializing in CEO Searches.

Her corporate career commenced with a “Big Four” global accounting firm in tax advisory services, followed by an entrepreneurial venture where she ran a travel business.

The rapidly evolving Indian economy presents new opportunities daily to young graduate and post graduate students aspiring to build great careers. Having spent a decade and a half in executive search, Sunishi has developed a deep understanding on the diversity in industries and careers available today. She is in a unique position to leverage her experience and exposure to corporate India to assist and guide new career aspirants students to make accurate and fulfilling career choices.

Sunishi is a qualified Chartered Accountant and holds degrees in Law and Commerce from the Mumbai University.


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