Cracked the CA exam – Now get that dream job!

Qualified as a Chartered Accountant – Congratulations! What are your next steps?Dream Job

Do you plan to follow up your qualification with an MBA?

Do you want to become a CFO?

Is finance a passion?

Plan and strategise to ensure you apply for roles that match your career aspirations. Some of the roles in the Finance function of a manufacturing or services organization include:

  • Accounts:

Follow the technology adopted by the organisation to maintain books of account. Questions that will help you gauge the company and job profile are:

  • Is there any foreign reporting?
  • Does the company use SAP or another ERP?
  • Are the accounts decentralised? Who are the auditors?
  • Treasury:

Analyse the balance sheet to understand the company’s approach to treasury.

  • Cash rich – investment focus
  • High debts – read about the bankers, understand the fund raising techniques approached by the organisation.
  • MIS:

Reporting to the management.

Ask the interviewer about the quality of MIS output. Does the MIS team get good opportunities to present directly to senior management?

  • Tax:

Read through the Notes to Accounts attached to the Balance Sheet. As an applicant for a tax role, it would be useful to understand if the company is facing tax litigation. The nature of business, source of earnings or location of a plant may offer the company tax benefits. Complete your research before you meet the organisation.

  • Corporate Finance:

General finance and accounting policies followed by the organisation

It deals with sources of finance, how the organisation funds itself and the capital structure.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions:

Read about the past acquisition history of the company.

To get a deeper understanding on:

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